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Transformative Leadership

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership: Self-assessment

I have never been assigned the task of leading a large organization. However, when I have been given the task of exercising leadership within a specific context, I have tried to lead with a vision. Even when I have simply directed volunteers at mundane tasks, such as during a food drive, I have tried to stress the larger importance of why we are doing what we are doing, rather than simply focus upon minutia. I have also tried to take an interest in subordinates on a personal level. Although I have not had the ability to specifically select subordinates for development and training as leaders themselves, because of the limits of my own position, I try to delegate tasks in an individualized fashion. I like to see workers perform to the best of their abilities and praise them when tasks are completed successfully, to give them a sense of pride. I actively solicit information from workers, use that input to shape my directives, and whenever possible create a flexible dialogue between managers and employees.
I believe this also embodies the principle of exercising empowering leadership.

In terms of charisma, I would judge myself more harshly. It is hard not to think of a great, inspiring orator when the word 'charisma' is used, or a great and dominating executive such as the late Steve Jobs. However, I have had charismatic supervisors who were not traditionally magnetic but very engaging in terms of their personality. They instinctively knew when to joke and when to be serious; they were able to seem personable while still exercising authority. They were also able to lead by example, which is something I have always tried hard to do. I am never afraid to get my hands dirty and work side-by-side my colleagues when the 'going gets tough.'

My scores were consistent with this self-assessment. When I asked my colleague to rate my leadership,….....

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