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The new trainee will need to adapt to the social rules within the company. The training mentor will play again the role of familiarizing him with some of the unwritten social rules of the company. For full social integration, the trainee will participate in all team-building activities.

Motivation and promotion schemes are just as important, as the first thing that a future employee actually encounters in a new company. Indeed, the initial interview has the role of pointing out to the potential selected employee how he would benefit from being hired within the company. If we follow some of the motivational theories, according to Maslow's pyramid, for example, with its five levels of needs and satisfaction, the interview would probably insist on the fourth level, the need to be recognized as an important member of the company, with a valuable contribution for the firm.

In this sense, the training program should present to the new recruits the real capacity of their promotion, time-related. For example, the recruits should know by the time they finish the program that they will be able to reach function a by the time they have performed either for a year within the company or six months, in the case of outstanding results, directly evaluated by the CEO. They should also be motivated by including in the training sessions some of the company's own performances.
This way, they will begin having a sense of appurtenance to a company that is doing well on the market and will come to see some of their future working for this firm.

Going back to the boundaryless idea presented previously, the trainee should be aware that every good idea, every significant solution he can come up with that is likely to improve the company's position and create a competitive advantage for the firm can (a) be shared with anybody, no matter his position within the company and (b) will receive the fullest attention and consideration, as well as a the proper reward.

The motivational component is closely related to the self-motivation aspect. The fact that the company is providing him with the capacity of advancing within the company, the trainee will be aware that his future career depends on himself. Self-motivation derives naturally here from: it is up to the trainee to create the motivating elements that will make him bring forth all effort in order to promote within the company's structure.

As such, the training process for the future trainees will rely heavily on the components I have presented, with an accent on the cultural, technical….....

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