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Trade Unions

A trade or labor union is a small committee or organization that consists of workers or laborers within a corporation, which works for the betterment of the organization in terms of securing its employees. Such unions try to achieve pre-set goals such as extended employee hiring when needed, increasing pays and incomes of the workers, providing other fringe benefits to the employees housing, medical, compensations, other allowances and leaves to the workers, proving fair and unbiased working environment in which no one is favored. Such organizations assure workers rights and legislations, bonus and promotion laws, pre-notices before firing and any other such benefits to safeguard the rights of employees as a beneficial part of the organization. Trade union exists in every part of the world and there are specific rules and regulations with respect to the working environment of a country.

For a trade union to be strong and effective, it is important that it attains certain modes of equality, ecological sustainability, and democracy. Equality guarantees sustainability; which is regarded as access to all fair shares of resources which provide a healthy quality of life. There are several such organizations in the world that are aimed for the equality and to uproot the discrimination upon the basis of gender, race, skin, blood, nation etc. Many trade organizations all over the world have agreed upon a set of rules called LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans) equality rules, which is there to safeguard the rights of such workers and the trade unions follow its policies in their own mission statements and working environment.
It is a natural fact that people who are different from nature are not accepted widely; hence even if they have strong abilities and skills, they are disregarded and are not provided as much opportunities to those as for the other ones (ILGA 2012).

Also, there is quite a big and prolonged issue of gender discrimination, which has become a universal fact which is more severe in third world and under-developed countries. Hence the trade unions are also obliged to safeguard the rights of female workers, as they have always been less paid with fewer fringe benefits too as compared to their male colleagues. Their employment is usually substantial, unregulated, without a proper contract and terms and conditions, and last but not the least, lesser pay for equal amount of work. The trade unions focus in this area and implement such policies which oblige men and authorities not to discriminate on the basis of gender and emphasize upon the needs of change in attitudes. From the perspectives of economic growth and ecologic sustainability, equality laws are must incorporated within the organizations and to ensure such policies, the trade or labor unions are the most authentic authorities. There is no doubt in saying that the engines for economic growth are the industry workers and laborers and thus it is important to provide them a healthy work environment, without discrimination upon any basis. The income levels and pay scales should be same for all with respect to the corresponding expertise and qualification (LERA 2012).

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