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I have worked in research and DNA analysis in formal laboratory analysis, and believe in the paradigm of lifelong learning.

I am a lifelong student, and each year realize how many wonderful new ideas need exploring; how many exciting and vital places visited through reading; and how much joy I receive simply by having the right set of tools that allow me to read, research, study, analyze, and make decisions based on information. At present, I am studying the physiology of reproduction and assist in laboratory research with Drs. Forrest and Talcott. This technical expertise well qualifies me for the position, although it is my passion for expanding the understanding and synthesis of learning about science that can help BGS expand its membership and relevance for society at large.

The task, then, of a modern leader at any level is to be a good corporate citizen, practicing the very tenants of corporate social responsibility within one's daily life; to use power in a non-coercive manner, moving towards a servant leadership role and having groups of colleagues rather than subordinates; to assume competition and conflict and accept diversity and other viewpoints; and most of all, to be inspiring while listening to other viewpoints.
Leadership is not always formal, but example driven. It is ethical, but not always to the letter of the imbedded culture; it breaches many theories and styles but means that there is thought and focus in the decision making process. Thus, in combination with my knowledge and expertise, abilities to lead and cooperate, and to understand that decisions are often far more gray than black and white, that makes me an ideal candidate for an executive position….....

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