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But because Ezinma is female, she cannot function in this capacity. Moreover, even a woman, in a traditional reading of the text would support this notion" (Strong-Leek). The fact that society was patriarchal at the time was especially devastating for women. Moreover, women readers are probable to consider that it is perfectly natural for Ezinma to be unable to follow her father's footsteps because society as a whole has had a tendency to underestimate women. In order for one to actually be able to appreciate Ezinma, he or she first needs to overcome diverse stereotypes that might spring into mind when trying to understand her position.

It is difficult to determine whether the Ibo society discriminates women because it feels that this is the way that nature works or whether it puts across this attitude because it actually considers women to be inferior. When looking at things from the perspective of an outsider, one might feel inclined to consider that the Ibo community promotes unjust behavior. However, when considering the way that Okonkwo and the others understand the importance of the female principle, it appears that the community actually considers women to be an essential part of society and provides them with important jobs.

While most people are probable to consider that the book stands as evidence in regard to how colonists have had a deep influence on Africans, one can consider that the book is essentially African in character and that it succeeds in sending all the right messages related to race, nationality, and determination.
It shows that it is wrong to associate the idea of the traditional African individual with the concept of savageness.

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