Theoretical Approaches to Criminal Behavior Different Perspectives Essay

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Theoretical Approaches to Criminal Behavior

Different perspectives of crime are essential when an explanation of why individuals engage in deviant behaviors and just a few become a nuisance to the society. Therefore there are various theories that have been put up in a bid to find out the causes of crime. A thorough explanation of the theories and the perspectives help in explaining the different reasons for occurrence of crime and the identification of factors that make an individual become a criminal. With these theories in place there is an understanding of an individual's behavior that will provide an insight into the reasoning and minds toward crime related behaviors.

The two main theories are classical and biological theories. Focus on rationality of human nature forms the basis for classical theory of crime. This means that an individual who chooses to take part in crime does so willingly without any other factors existing. If the benefits of being a criminal are more appealing when compared to the punishment that comes with committing crime then the criminal would choose to commit crime. People are in agreement with society structure that shapes behaviors.
Social contracts and emphasis of law formation are what define human behavior and regulation of behavior to protect the society against rationality to crime. The idea of social contract is to provide an understanding of the acceptable for the common pursuit of happiness in the society, and creation of a social order that minimizes the pursuit of personal interests. Individuals are therefore expected to put the interest of the society before them. Everyone is therefore considered as rational and hence social conditions of accountability are separated from an individual's decision as the blame. An important aspect of classical theory is the balance of what deters the criminal from the crime and the due process of law without bias. This theory hence explains the individuals' rational judgment for criminal behavior. This however excludes individuals that are irrational are criminals ( HubPages Inc. (2012)

The biological theory of crime on the other hand explains that crime is due to distinctive biological factors that lead to criminal behavior in individuals. Crime is due to some physical alterations….....

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