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The effects will only be felt later in terms of the support that the activity gets from the public and the state government. This is a part of the competition between states to draw more persons into the states, and even in each county. This year the stakes are very high for the counties as the economy has been expanding, the dollar is weak and a number of big draws for the tourist. (OC's Tourism Share Disproportionate to Size)

Disneyland is marketing its new attractions very heavily as it is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the launch of Disney cruises at the port in Los Angeles, the King Tutankhamen exhibit in Los Angeles and the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. The two theme parks that Disney have as Anaheim also drives in a sizeable number of tourists, and this in turn increases the visitors to Los Angeles. The other theme park of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park also gets a lot of help from the Disney theme parks. At the same time, the theme parks of Legoland are likely to be sold so that the company can cut its losses.
Among the leading possible buyers are the local competitors of Walt Disney Co and Cedar Fair. (OC's Tourism Share Disproportionate to Size) the question remains however as to whether they will be strong enough or expect to get returns in the future so that the purchase can be justified.


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