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Addressing the Disadvantages of Military Involvement
While the reasons for the involvement are obvious, the cons are outweighed by the advantages. Firstly, the two countries do not have to act in isolation. Military from both sides can be employed by formal consent between the two countries to better manage the borders and the diplomatic relations. Secondly, the cost of the military involvement is low as compared to the costs that are being incurred in terms of people losing their health and their lives to drugs, and by being involved in trafficking. Trafficking is a heinous social crime, which is having an adverse impact on communities in both countries, and should be prevented at all costs. Therefore humanitarian concerns justify the costs of military involvement. 
Additionally, the international conflicts and the wars that the country has been involved in are on the ideology of making lives of people in USA and the world secure. If USA is not able to protect its own borders, it cannot raise its voice against international concerns; therefore military involvement is of ideological importance.
  As stated in the prior sections, there are various reasons that warrant and do not warrant military involvement.
However, this paper firmly holds that ‘the Military should be involved in guarding the Mexico and the USA border’. 
The reasons for involvement are that the countries need to be protected from illegal activities and drug trade on a perpetual basis, as it will help in avoiding an aggressive military policy at a later date, as it happened in 1969. The concerns for costs can be easily addressed by the cost that a porous border might have on the communities in both the countries as well as the ideological principles of freedom that the American society is based on.
The prime function of the military is to protect its country against external threats, and by guarding the border it will be performing this function, as well as wider humanitarian role of safeguarding its neighbor’s interests as well.

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