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Danny ultimately becomes convinced of his entitlement to kingship, creating the core conflict in which he presumes an entitlement to pass laws and judgments, and to rule over the people of Kafiristan.

Peachey is angered by Danny's assumption of rulership. The two disagree strongly on a course of action, with the former desiring to return to Briton and the latter desiring to remain. They appear ready here to go their separate ways.

Roxana does not wish to marry Danny, fearing the consequences of marrying a god.

The natives find out that both men are actually mortal.

Important Places/Events

This takes place in British ruled India. Carnehan shows up at Kipling's news office looking deranged and homeless. Introducing himself to Kipling, he is quickly recognized. Carnehan sets the story in motion by beginning the narrative with the disclosure that he and his partner had years prior set out to modern day Afghanistan, become king and fallen from grace in just a few yeard time.

This takes place in British ruled India. Flashing back to the start of their journey, the film takes us to the news office several years prior, where Dravot and Carnehan have pledged loyalty to one another before beginning a journey to the regions of then-Kafiristan theretofore uninhabited by white men.

This takes place in the region just entering into Kafiristan. Arriving to the land beyond the Khyber pass, they meet Billy Fish, who had once been connected to a white expedition group now dead. Serving as their translator, his addition to the quest helps to make all other steps possible for the two men.

This takes place in the Kafiristan village. Once in contact with the village, the men offer their services as military advisors and soon roll into battle against an enemy village. When Daniel fights with an arrow planted in the bandolier strung across his chest, he is mistaken for a god by the villagers.
This is confirmed by his ownership of a medallion which, though a gift from Kipling to him, was also a symbol of Alexander the Great.

This takes place in the Kafiristan village. Danny becomes the king of the village, believed as he is to be a holy man reincarnated. With Billy as his advisor, Danny presides over the people with the moralistic impulse toward modernization. The strong imperial overtones of British colonialism are clearly expressed through Danny's sense of entitlement.

This takes place in the Kafiristan village. Peachey prepares to leave for home with treasure and gold but Danny resolves to stay on as king. Though Peachey is angered by Danny's deluded sense of kingship, he agrees to remain in the city until Danny's wedding to native girl Roxanna.

This takes place in the Kafiristan village. In trying to escape from Danny's wedding, Roxanna bites him and draws blood, revealing to the village that Danny is mortal after all the natives captures both men and subject them to aggressive treatment and torture for their deception.

This takes place in British ruled India. Peachey returns to Kipling, returning us to the beginning of the film, with the presentation of his friend's head.

Conflicts (resolved):

We find in the resolution that they have lost everything due to Danny's deluded lust for power.

The mistaken assumption of their godliness is disproved.

Danny is ultimately recognized as not being the real king of the people.

The two men are reconciled with each other by their mutual pressure to escape.

Roxanna ultimately escapes marriage and reveals the mortality of the king.

Danny is killed and Peachey survives, returning to Kipling with Danny's crowned head......

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