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This has affected me in many ways. I'm afraid to spend money, and I am stressed about rising gas prices and that kind of thing that I have no control over. I do not drive very much, I try to eat very cheaply, and yet, it seems that worry about money and about school has pretty much taken over my life.

A final pressure I am feeling right now is family pressure. It is not nearly as bad as the other two pressures going on in my life, but it is there, and it certainly affects me. My parents expect me to do well in college, and to get a good job. They have always put pressure on me to get good grades, and in high school, that was easy. My classes are harder now, and my grades are not as good as they were in high school. I feel pressure to make my parents proud of me and to please them, but it is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. I don't want to disappoint my parents, and I feel pressure to always do my best and be the best. Sometimes I feel like I may not be able to live up to their expectations, and that bothers me. I have not talked to them about this pressure I feel, and I know I should.
However, it just seems too hard to deal with right now. I don't want them to know that I am this stressed about things, and that their expectations are adding pressure to my life. Again, I hope I can learn to deal with these pressures so my life becomes less stressed.

In conclusion, the pressures in my life have certainly affected me and my life right now. I think that pressures cause me to worry, and that adds stress to my life. I would like to learn how to deal with pressures better, so I do not worry so much, and my life is not so stressful. I have checked out some books in the library on dealing with stress, and I hope to put some of their suggestions into use to reduce the pressures and stress in….....

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