Pathophysiology of Coronary Artery Disease Term Paper

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Diagnostic Studies

In basic terms, medical and family histories act as the basis for CAD diagnosis. In this case, abnormal levels of blood proteins, glucose, cholesterol or fats are risk factors for CAD. Further, the risk of CAD is identified by recording electrical purses of the heart using an electrocardiogram. For purposes of indicating heart failure, a chest x-ray may be taken. Any injury in heart muscles can be identified through echocardiography. Narrowing or hardening of the arteries is identified by the use of computer tomography scans. Coronary angiography is yet another way of diagnosing whether the arteries are blocked and the extent of such blockage.

Treatment and Prognosis

Lifestyle and diet adjustments must be made for CAD patients (Marshall Cavendish Corporation 2007). In this case, patients could exercise regularly, stop smoking, reduce their intake of salt and eat low fat diets. To ensure that risk factors like diabetes, high cholesterol levels and hypertension are under control, medications are used. Coronary artery bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty may be undertaken in severe cases.
According to Granato (2008), an individual's prognosis is affected by the number of vessels that are diseased.


It can be noted that as the report by CDC highlights, the prevalence of the coronary artery disease has been on a steady decline thanks to improved treatment approaches and better control of risk factors. Hence it is highly likely that going forward; advances in medical technology and treatment methods could further lower mortality rates for the disease.


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