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Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR):

Bush administration has been criticized for favoring drilling operations in the Wild Life Refuge while Hillary Clinton has not been in favor of drilling there. She has called for limited (safe) drilling and injecting more money and efforts into research for of renewable energy, energy efficiency and other alternates.

Gay Marriage: Hillary Clinton is a popular candidate among the gay circles. She has been known to have gay friends. The support of Clinton's for gay equal rights is not hidden for anyone. As far as gay marriages are concerned she has not adopted a positive and assertive response yet calls for equal rights. She has also held fund-raisers with major gay and lesbian donors. "Clinton has earned 48% of the contribution from heavily gay ZIP codes nationally, compared with 39% for Barack and 13% for John Edwards" (Darman, 2007).

Gun Control: Since Hillary has been actively voicing her opinions for different issues right from the 90s when she became the First Lady and that includes her views on gun control. In the beginning of the decade of 90s Hillary supported a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms. Though, her position is not completely anti-arms as she favors keeping them for personal safety. She also demonstrated her point-of-view when she voted against the 2006 Vitter Amendment, which prohibits the funding of the confiscation of lawfully-held firearms during a disaster.
Campaign Funding Reform: Campaign funding has become one of the key issues highlighted in the last couple of elections. Hillary Clinton has been in favor of campaign funding reforms. She even called for ban on all soft money in 2000 campaign, She now favors banning campaign donations from unions & corporations as well as "soft money" contributions and restricting issue ads.

Abortion: Her views with respect to this sensitive issue can be seen in her personal as well as official manner. Personally she values human life and is against the abortion but at the same time honors an individual woman's right to end pregnancy. Therefore she is against making abortion illegal. She has been outspoken about moral principles that help women abstain from unwanted pregnancies but at same time maintaining the stance of legality of abortion.

Hillary Clinton has a strong position in the 2008 elections as a democratic candidate. The primaries will decide on the fortunes of the previous first lady in her fight with the republican candidates for the highest position in the White House. Looking at her current position and point-of-views her chances seem bright.


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