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Since personality disorders are inherited, it can be assumed that overall personality traits are inherited from parents. Generally, people with similar characteristics have similar personalities since it's hereditary.


The question on whether people are born with self-confidence or they are taught on developing this aspect is a fundamental issue about the nature vs. nurture debate. In the view of self-confidence being developed from environmental influences, it's basically stated that an individual's psychological traits that form confidence are developed mostly by parenting (William, 2009). Some of the parenting attributes that contribute to self-confidence are the parents' beliefs, expectations, and modeling. Moreover, the initial efficacy experiences are usually based on the family as peers become increasingly important to a person's development of self-knowledge of their capabilities as their social world expands in their growth processes. However, self-confidence is regarded as more of a genetic predisposition than a state of mind and can therefore be influenced by heredity.
According to the findings of a research, a child's self-confidence is heavily influenced by heredity just like his/her IQ.

In conclusion, personality and self-confidence are difficult to determine because there is no tangible place where it can be created or stored. Actually, there is no personality or self-confidence center in a human being resulting in the lack of a single method for explaining their acquisition and differences. Therefore, personality and self-confidence are developed and influenced by internal and external factors i.e. heredity and environmental influences.


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