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Several days ago another friend of mine spoke about how he dreamed about him being a Chinese peasant in charge of a farm. He planted seeds into the ground and felt that the seeds were created by his soul rather than being ordinary seeds. He then saw several farm animals furiously coming toward him and wanting to harm him.

This friend's family emigrated from China at the beginning of the twentieth century and his great-grandfather actually was a farmer. He came here with his wife because he was pressed by financial problems and felt that emigrating would provide the opportunity to increase his earnings. The fact that my friend dreamt about being in China in spite of the fact that he never visited the country and knows very little about it contributes to confirming Jung's theory concerning how the collective unconscious can influence people's dreams.
My friend was provided with a set of values throughout his life and his background enabled him to have his own understanding of China and of the reasons why his great-grandfather left the country. Considering the elements in his dream, it is probable that he felt a connection with the Chinese landscape and that he identified with his ancestor's decision to leave the country as a result of the fact that it failed to provide for his needs.


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