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5. The fact that Nell's mother died of cancer influenced Louis to lose trust in doctors and in science as a whole. This is why he is generally reluctant to turn to doctors when considering his daughter's condition. He seems more confident that her daughter is actually possessed and simply accepts that technology is limited in dealing with particular concepts.

6. As a parable, The Last Exorcism should be understood as a means to influence people to stay strong in their faith regardless of what happens to them. It practically intends to prepare individuals for critical moments that they are likely to come across at particular moments in their lives. This is virtually a means to have people understand that faith is the most effective solution and that it is always going to be the only solution in the face of horrible events.
7. Nell is seemingly a willing participant in the cult of Abalam and her efforts to put Marcus on a wrong lead are most probably meant to prevent him from discovering the magnitude of the problem. Her brother is initially upset with Marcus' arrival but feels better about the situation when he realizes that the exorcist is a fraud. He is apparently uninterested in his sister's well-being.

8. The fact that Caleb is the last person filmed on the camera means that the cult actually edited the footage in an attempt to provide viewers with their own perspective of the situation.

9. Nell's presence in the barn is likely to be caused by a real demonic possession, as it….....

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