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Kingdom of God

Today, the kingdom of God is thought by many people as a heavenly place or afterlife. Many people are not able to give an explanation of the kingdom of God or the reason why Jesus came on Earth. Most people relate to terms such as strong tower which we guess is a strong tower but if we want to say that the relationship we have with God makes us safe we would have to rephrase this. A better understanding of the concept of the kingdom of God and messiah can only be understood through an individual's personal experiences as well as dong a lot of research. There are two contemporary metaphors that can be used to describe the kingdom of God. I was inspired by the camel passing through the eye of a needle and the parable of the mustard seed (Griffin, 2005).

In contemporary living one can say that the kingdom of God is like a woman who is going to shop for her makeup she uses the same kind of make up many times but every time the make up becomes like a plan. She thinks how much it costs her to buy new make up every time she uses it. She knows that new makeup is expensive and therefore ends up putting it on hold for an extra day. She thinks how long it would take her to put on makeup and how long it takes to make money to buy the new makeup.
She gives up and goes ahead to buy the same makeup. The next day she repeats the same thing with wishes that she could have bought different makeup. People being called into Gods kingdom each day but just as this woman who is not willing to buy new makeup they are not willing to change how they live as they feel that they do not have any other option. People lead the same lives every day and go on with life wasting their relationships. They will never change this as they think that the cost of changing is very high just like that of the make up. Some people will just never change even if they are down on their knees and there are open gates that reveal the new therefore should want to change before they can actually change.

There are many times as Christians that we allow….....

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