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No electoral college would be used to prevent individuals from making a direct selection of representation.

Slide 5: Infrastructure

Public office must be dedicated first and foremost to the maintenance of infrastructure. In an island nation which is both advantaged and disadvantaged by its geographical isolation, such issues as meteorological patterns and contention with population needs are key to the quality of life and preservation of individual rights which are of inherent importance to the nation's viability. This means that public resources are to be dedicated to protecting the interests of the public through proper allotment in such key areas as flood warning and prevention measures, highway and bridge maintenance, waste removal and responsible civil engineering, good schools and community outreach programs, etc.

Slide 6: Trade

Tagg must sieze the opportunities which are inherent to being a part of the world community. Namely, its capacity to export those goods which are naturally indigenous will make is a valuable player in a global economy. It must do so, however, while maintaining strict assurances toward public ownership of infrastructure, equities and majority portions of labor and resource markets. This balance will preserve its economic longevity against foreign exploitation.

Slide 7: Diplomacy

Tagg is a peaceful state with a standing army and navy. Maintaining close diplomatic ties to the international community and core western democracies, Tagg is committed to normalized and friendly relations with all peaceful nations.

Slide 8: Administration of Justice

Tagg's justice system will employ a police force that is restrained by constitutional rights afforded to individuals, and which is independent from political constraints. This balance is intended to establish a force which pursues criminality in its explicit forms as they manifest against other citizens and the state. Legislation is drafted by public office but may be voted upon by public referendum, allowing for the refinement of those laws which are a matter of civic importance rather than political impetus or economic prejudice.
Court proceedings are modeled after the modern public jury trial, differing only insofar as judicial positions will be elected rather than appointed and, in the case of federal courts, will be held to term limits.

Slide 9: Individual Protections

Bill of Rights will be constructed in order to ensure the protection of such individual rights as those for political orientation, public speech, religious expression, sexual orientation, occupational freedom and the gamut of additional rights which are subject to consideration in a process to be engaged by elected officials.

Slide 10: Environmental Rights

Environmental rights will relate to the use of public lands, protection against the privatization and exploitation of such lands, the distribution of public resources and the preservation of air, water and land against ecological degradation.

Slide 11: Economic Rights

An economic Bill of Rights will construct a framework by which social democracy entitled citizens to certain protections against poverty. These will include social outreach, economic outreach, healthcare outreach and employment outreach programs in addition to the distribution of public grants and welfare aids where needed.

Slide 12: Adaptability

The formulation of laws and standards for the protection of the individual rights and statewide rights here must be given a process by which adaptation and amendment may be applied where proven necessary by usage, precedent and historical or cultural evolution.

Slide 13: Resolution:

The recommendations here are intended to provide a skeleton by which the Elders may be guided in constructing a form of governance to succeed them into a new era of Tagg Island freedom and shared prosperity.

Slide 14: References


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