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Vietnam and Indonesia, for example were governed by democratic powers, nowadays leaning more and more towards liberalization. These countries did not enclose themselves within the geographical boundaries of the territory, but initiated business relationships and partnerships with neighbor countries or across the globe countries. These countries understood the concept of compared advantages and applied them in practice.

One of the most relevant examples of economic success due to international trade based on imports and exports is Indonesia, which has been able to increase its inhabitants living standards throughout trade activities.

5. Conclusions

The economic status of the southeastern Asian countries was highly disputed along the years. "Analyzes of economic growth have drawn on the experiences of the East Asian newly industrializing countries to highlight the contribution of cohesive and autonomous states in the resolution of market failures.

Whichever the current situation of the countries in southeastern Asia, fact remains that their development is highly interesting to the specialized economist. Their common conclusion remains the strong influence that the states' political had upon the development.


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