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Tasers can also not be used in the diffusion of tension as well as quelling anti- social behavior in case of large crowds of individuals who are present in demonstrations and riots (NSW Police Association,2007).


A review of literature indicates that there are more benefits to the use of Tasers as compared to the disadvantages. This is because Tasers enhance the level of officer and suspect safety. This is because they generally reduce the use of 'live' firearms.

The other benefit of Tasers is that they can be discharge from a distance thereby decreasing the amount of physical force that an officer may use on a suspect.As Sekhar (2003) puts it, "The gun fires a dart from up to 21 feet away that secures itself to the person's skin or clothing.." Other deterrents such as the pepper spray are note dto cause injuries to the victim and the officers themselves. They also have no effect on intoxicated individuals. This therefore leaves taser as the best alternative.

A report by the Taser International Certification Lesson Plan (2000) indicate that the use of firearms by the police officers has reduced and therefore caused a reduction in the number of deaths.Tasers therefore presents a unique level of officer and suspect safety that cannot be achieved by any other deterrents.

The outhit benefits of Taser is that it effectively incapacitates the suspect with little or no injury to the subject and officer. Taser International Certification Lesson Plan (2000) pointed out that the Orange County Sheriffs Office used M26 Tasers which led to about 80% reduction in the number of injuries.

Tasers have been indicated to present the officers with a nonlethal method of taking care of avery threatening situations.Kacoha (2004) pointed out that when confronted with a potential life threatening situation, an office may resort to lethal firearms or on-lethal ones such as Tasers.

Generally, the benefits of Tasers has been indicated to outweigh the risks associated with its usage. The use of Tasers has been indicated to reduce the number of death caused by the use of lethal force.
It can do this by allowing the officers to promptly subdue subjects safely.

Anglen (2004) pointed out that in Phoenix, reports indicated that a year after the deployment of Tasers among patrol officers, the number of police shootings reduced by 54%.

Some of the reports indicate that the use of Tasers has been linked to death cases (Young,2004).

Another report by Angela (2004) indicated that an autopsy of a patient who died after being shot with a Taser indicated that electrical shock was one of the possible causes of death.

Other reports refute this death claims by stating that Tasers have never been indicated to be the sole cause of demise. According to the work of Yantis (2004), it is stated by Taser International that the devices can never be regarded as the primary cause of a person's death . Any links of the device as contributing factors are also subjective and have never been supported by any form of scientific evidence or inquiry.

Erlingsson (2004) stated that no individual has ever been killed with Taser. Taser generally has been shown to lead to saving of lives. Anglen (2004) reported that Tasers have generally saved close to 4000 lives from 2009. It is therefore proper to conclude that the benefits of Tasers outweigh its risks.

What is necessary thing to do is for the law enforcement agencies to teach the officers on how to train the officers on how to safely use the devices in order to avoid the risks involved with their usage.


It is therefore recommended that proper training be provided to the officers on how to safely discharge their duties using the Taser as a non-lethal deterrent. Young (2004) indicated the need for more research on the effects of using electroshock weapons. Erlingsson (2004) pointed out the need of educating the communities where officers use the teasers as well as notifying any suspect before they are zapped.


Tasers are therefore noted to be nonlethal deterrents that are safer when used appropriately. The benefits.....

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