Art of Poetry: Discussion of Term Paper

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e. To make music). It was so beautiful that the child wept and wanted him to sing it, which he did. Again the child wept and determined that it was so beautiful that all should be allowed to experience it, which was why the child wanted it written down. The beauty that was written down is, presumably, the rest of the poetry that is contained in the book. Whether it actually holds that much beauty is something that could be argued and is not for debate here. The important issue here is that the way that the Introduction is written not only gives insight into the poems that are seen in the book but also expresses the heartfelt joy that Blake experienced in writing them and that he hopes the reader will experience as well. This is what he is trying to show and say through the use of the childlike and joyful rhyming of the Introduction.Bibliography

Blake, William. (1971). Songs of Innocence. Dover Publications, Inc.….....

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