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Barring this, however, clinics can still offer doctors incentives to come to underserved areas. First of all, doctors can be offered greater autonomy in dispensing patient care than the burdensome oversight they might experience in a large hospital. Less bureaucracy, less red tape, and a less punishing schedule are all reasons that doctors might wish to relocate to a rural area to work in a clinic. In contrast to a vast urban hospital where doctors may see many patients whom they never see again, and have to work 'the graveyard shift,' especially if they are new residents, a rural hospital may offer the attractions of face-to-face patient care and a humane schedule.

Specifically targeting new graduates might be an excellent marketing technique. New doctors often have to work the worst hours at hospitals, and never get to see their families.
For young doctors with small children, working in a rural area where they will have the ability to see their family, unprecedented opportunities for leadership at the beginning of their careers in shaping the direction of the clinic and the content of the care they dispense, the draw of the lifestyle and resume-building aspect of the position might overcome hesitations about relocating to a rural community. Of course, altruism can be another draw for doctors, but stressing how fulfilling the position may be personally, in terms of helping the doctor's career and enhancing the doctor's ability to strike a work and life balance should not be ignored.

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