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Teamwork in Organizations

Teamwork within Indiana Tech

Indiana Tech is a private college that strives to produce the best educational environment for its students. As a member of the staff, I have seen first hand all the effort that goes into making this mission a reality. Overall, the teamwork within the organization is very strong because there is a single goal that unites us, although there are some areas that could use some improvement.

Overall, the team at Indiana Tech is like a family. We all help each other when needed and work very closely with each other and the students in order to accomplish our organizational goals. The communication between staff members is unparalleled compared to other organizations I have worked with. Ultimately, it all boils down to how the team communicates with one another, and thus communication is key to a strong and productive organizational culture.
The reason we have such strong commutation, I believe, is because there is a single uniting goal behind our work environment. Ultimately, the students and their success is the primary priority. Thus, we enjoy helping the students and have found a common goal amongst ourselves in providing the most enriching environment. Part of helping the students is collaborating with the staff. Each department works very well with each other, but there is also strong lines of communication that extend outwards towards other departments as well. Thus, if a student has a problem that my department can't handle, I know exactly where to direct them and can call on known members of that department to alert them that a student is coming with a specific question or concern that relates to them. I think a lot of….....

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