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Team Building

Your supervisor assigned a client experiencing uneven performance production facility. The client applied a variety quality diagnostic tools issue discovered machinery processes working tolerances. The variable people.

Team building is an important aspect for all organizations. Teams helped to bring together people who have different skills in order for them to achieve one common goal which helps the organizations achieve its set objectives and goals Hackman & Wageman, 2005.

The term team-building refers to the activities which are conducted in the organization in order to improve the performance of the team. There are several team building theories that have been developed. The two team building theories that will be discussed are Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Belbin Theory.

Maslow saw that there is a certain hierarchy of needs which applies to all human beings. It is represented in a triangle form to help in understanding the theory. The first need is placed at the bottom which is also the widest part of the triangle representing the need which must be satisfied by all people before moving to the next need. By understanding the hierarchy of needs for the individual members of the teams, the team leader can then design appropriate motivation strategies so that the team members.
This can be done by satisfying the needs at the lowest level which the team members will then try to satisfy the needs above by themselves Yang & Guy, 2004()

The Belbin theory identifies the behaviors, strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members and devices strategies to help them build and maintain productive relationships, select and develop teams with high performance, raise awareness and effectiveness of all team members, and to build mutual understanding and trust Yang & Guy, 2004()

Team building is important in organization applying standards and also helps to manage work groups. First is that it brings about an increased flexibility in the abilities and the skills of the individual team members. Secondly, it makes the team members more productive as compared to if they were working as individuals. It also helps the team to focus on their goals as a group in order to achieve their tasks which are….....

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