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In addition, the game is fun and not nearly as intimidating as other inventories, like the Myers-Briggs. There is not the delay between completing the questionnaire and then waiting for a report to be provided and analyzed. Instead, students can begin to understand their own, as well as others', behaviors as the game is played. This helps give them the knowledge they need to manage strife within teams, to help ensure they are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Scarfino and Roever's (2009) feedback from students who have used the game support this same conclusion. Thus, Scarfino and Roever's logical argument means the reader is also brought to the same conclusion. There is no other evidence presented in Scarfino and Roever's article that would support a counter-argument.

Review and Evaluation

Scarfino is an associate professor, at William Jewell College, in the Department of Business and Leadership. Roever is interim dean and associate professor, at Missouri Western State University, in the Steven L. Craig School of Business. Although both authors have appropriate academic credentials, applying these findings outside of the theoretical, academic environment is questionable, as neither list their practical, business credentials.

Appropriate methods were utilized to gather the evidence used to support the theory that the Diversity Card Game offered benefits not found with a traditional thinking style inventory.
However, more background on Hermann's theory development would have helped support why his advancement was needed to take Sperry and MacLean's work one step further. An overview of these two base theories Hermann utilized would have been useful and would've helped ensure the authors were using the information accurately.

As noted, the first-hand account of student describing the benefits of the Diversity Card Game were the lynch pin in ensuring the reader came to the same conclusion as the authors. A logical argument was built, however, it would've have been better supported if additional background material was presented on the earlier theories Hermann used -- those of Sperry and MacLean. There is mention that the Diversity Card Game does not give as detailed an analysis of an individual's thinking style as the full, traditional inventory; however, this does not support a counter-argument, as the benefits derived from the card game are regardless of the depth of thinking style understanding. The article and the evidence utilized are still relevant and does not lead to an invalid conclusion. Lastly, the authors were successful in making their point that for students, the Diversity Card Game offers benefits over the traditional inventory.


Scarfino, D. (Mar 2009). Team-building success: It's in the cards. Business….....

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