Taser Deaths: Taser Is Not Term Paper

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..." And notes as well Taser use in: "...deployment against very young people, older suspects, and the number of times the Taser is used." (White and Ready, 2007) These do not fall within appropriate Taser use recommendations. It is concluded that when Tasers are used against subject that immediate emergency room care should be ensured. This study includes in the findings that there is a great need for empirical research on use of the Taser.


The implications are clearly held to view in this research that abuse of proper use of the Taser, either on the wrong individual, in the wrong manner, for too long in duration, by improperly trained officers, in departments void of appropriate standards and regulations, during verbal resistance but no physical resistance, on passive individuals, and finally without having emergency room treatment immediately following the use of the Taser on a subject has resulted in deaths due to Taser use and that Taser death is, in the majority of cases, not the cause of death, but instead may be blamed upon the officer who is in control of the Taser or the department in its failure to properly train, inform, and regulate the use of the Taser by its police force.

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