Tao Te Ching the Ancient Research Proposal

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In Lao Tzu's opinion, there is much more to Dao than just matter. In order to understand Dao people need to dispose of their previous concepts in relation to life and to their purpose on earth. Chapter fourteen gives instructions on how people should act if they actually want to see, hear, and touch Dao. According to Lao Tzu, one of the biggest mistakes made by people when they attempt to discover something is that they try to compare it to something from their daily lives.

As written in the Prehistoric Origins chapter, people constantly search for new theories to adopt and to follow for the rest of their lives. In contrast to that, Dao is not something that one could follow from a certain point in their lives, as it is something that people have always followed from the beginning of time. Unlike the sun that shines for only a limited amount of time Dao never begins and never ends, as it has been here forever.
In order to discover Dao people have to seize the moment and to take control over their own lives. In a world that is constantly trying to control its creatures it is vital for humankind to discover their inner selves. The word that virtually defines our daily lives in the present is materialism. It is not surprising that everyone is dedicated to gaining profits from everything, since that is what they have learnt for all of their lives. Those attempting to present the rest of the world with newer and more efficient methods of leading their lives are seen with suspicion, considered to be only interested in making profits.

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