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Tale of Two Cities

Wealthy Aristocrat Stands Trial for Treason. Charles Darnay stands trial for the high crime of treason today at the Old Bailey Courthouse. Darnay is suspected of being a spy for the French monarchy, under direct orders from King Louis XVI. The Crown has accused Darnay of divulging top secret information regarding the war in the colonies. John Barsad, an agent of the Crown, is set to testify on behalf of the British Attorney-General.

Darnay acquitted of crimes of treason. Charles Darnay, the French expatriate recently accused of spying on behalf of Louis XVI, has been cleared of all charges of treason. Darnay's attorney, Mr. Stryver and his associate Sydney Carton discredited two key Crown witnesses: John Barsad and Roger Cly as being untrustworthy. Stryver and Carton demonstrated that the eye witness identification of Darnay might have been spurious, based on an uncanny resemblance between Carton and Darnay himself.
Although defense witness Lucie Manette recalled Darney having compared George Washington to King George III, the jury voted to acquit after a brief period of deliberation.

3. Marquis Evremonde runs over, kills child. Hurrying on his way home from a reception held by the Monseigneur, Marquis Evremonde's carriage ran over and killed a young boy while his bereft father looked on. Witnesses say that the Monseigneur, apparently unconcerned for the boy's well being, threw some coins at Gaspard, the grieving father. Astonished onlookers like wine shop owner Lafarge rushed over to Gaspard in an attempt to comfort him.

4. Marquis Evremonde murdered in his home. Marquis Evremonde, notorious Parisian aristocrat, was found stabbed to death in his chateau yesterday morning. A knife had been driven into the man's breast. Attached to….....

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