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In the Jewish and Christian faith, the Tree of Life has a core presence in the Creation myth, as Fackerell (2010) points out. Accordingly, his source remarks on the implications of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. According to Fackerell, this offered Adam and Eve an opportunity for life everlasting. Instead, the myth of Original Sin tells, they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and were cast out of Paradise. According to the Christian extrapolation on the Genesis Creation myth, we have forever been forbidden from reentry into Eden for this trespass, which could have been summarily avoided had Adam and Eve instead eaten from the Tree of Life. (Fackerell, 1)

This denotes a direct connection, for Fackerell, to the directive for adherence to the scriptures in one's life, which he views as analogous to 'eating from the Tree of Life.' Ironically, the Tree of Life has also carried direct implications for evolution theorists, who may be viewed as a direct counterpoint to those who espouse the factual veracity of the Old Testament's Creationist theory.
For evolutionists, the symbol carries the same implications of continuity between the roots of the past and the form which man takes in the present day.

Though the two perspectives identified directly here above emerge from categorically divergent schools of thought on human existence, they nonetheless find a common symbolic value in the Tree of Life. This seems to underscore its resonance with human instinct as a way of representing our presence, even in death, in the perpetual flow of life.

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