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There is also a question about gender which obviously only has two possible responses, and these responses would be considered nominal in nature. Again, because this question is not integral to the findings of the survey the use of a nominal question is acceptable -- and for this question recommended.

There are few ethical implications when designing a survey such as this. The main one with which to be concerned is the privacy of the respondents. The respondents are being asked questions about general intent to remain with the company, for example, which means that protecting their privacy is essential not only to the effectiveness of the survey but also to the ethical integrity of the survey process. Employees indicating an intention to leave the company at some point should not be identified by any possible means as this could compromise their prospects at the company or the quality of their employment conditions.
That the survey also asks about age profile, gender and tenure could allow managers to narrow down respondents to one individual or a handful of individuals, thus compromising the privacy. Therefore, managers familiar with the division and its employees should not be responsible for analyzing the survey results nor should they have access to these results in anything other than aggregate form.

This survey will be effective because it addresses the core question at hand -- will cross-training improve employee morale at Nutra Pharmaceuticals. The central hypothesis is that it will improve morale. This addresses the core business question at hand, which is finding a way to improve morale and reduce turnover. It is believed that morale and turnover are related, such that if morale improves then turnover will decrease. This study therefore will lead us to a conclusion about the effectiveness of cross-training as a solution to this particular business problem......

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