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In other words, they paint many humans as simply disagreeable and dangerous, which would hopefully make them realize that we probably are not a species they want to try to enslave.

However, if the intelligent alien life was not dangerous and did not have evil intentions towards human beings, then the books would also explain some of the wonderful parts of human existence. In this series of books, one encounters parents willing to do anything to protect their children, friends who risk their lives for one another and people who do stupid but wonderful things for love. They portray a human race that, despite all of its terrible faults and downfalls, is, ultimately, redeemable. I would want aliens to understand this because I would assume that they already had the ability to access human communications channels. Watching television news, they would have to assume that human beings were essentially self-centered and generally would not do much to help their fellow human beings. I would want them to understand that the average human being actually has disdain for those types of people.
Finally, I would want the aliens to meet Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. In this series of novels, these two heroes are deeply flawed but also incredibly wonderful. The novels develop them as characters in a way that makes the reader understand the deep friendship that these men have, and that, through sheer determination and will, they have made themselves almost invincible. Returning to my innate fear of intelligent alien life, I would like to send the subtle message to them that, on Earth, we have these wonderful humans that are virtually indistinguishable from other men, but who will be lethal and effective if the people that they love are threatened. I would want this alien life to understand that humans can be excellent allies, but could also be far more dangerous enemies than they would imagine. I would want to send the message that, unless they kill all of humanity, they would never be able to ensure a….....

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