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This is why it came as no surprise to the rest of the country when Proposition 71 was passed, in direct opposition to the policies of the Bush administration. Even California's governor, a Republican and Bush supporter, sided with Californians on the stem cell issue. The promise of freedom to research as they see fit and the funding to do so will likely draw more scientists to California, should Proposition 71 ever get truly off the ground and out from under the stifling thumb of religious conservatives who are a minority in the state. Religious conservatives, though, know how to use the court system to their advantage, and until way is found to make the procedures of the courts more streamlined and more immune to frivolous lawsuits, the religious conservatives have every chance of continuing to block the actual funding and practice of stem cell research in California.

Though issues such as eugenics, ethical cell harvest techniques, and lawsuits from the religious right have held back stem cell research in the state of California from becoming what it has the potential to be, the fact remains that stem cell research is soundly supported by most Californians.
California is a pioneering state, a historical innovator in many areas both scientific and civil. The pioneers of the 19th century, who originally populated California after determinedly crossing the continent on a harrowing journey to start a new life in a new place infused the state with their own pioneering spirit, and this spirit continues to dominate California today. Stem cell research is on the cutting edge of science and has the potential to make life better for all mankind. Though ethical concerns surround the practice, those concerns are voiced by a minority in California. Californians are committed to innovation. If a way exists to bypass conservative concerns and create a disease-free world, Californians are sure to find that way.


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