Individual Rights for the People Thesis

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The enforcement of the law will also be dependent upon public jury trial and civil court case proceedings, which will be intended to devise the conditions by which a dispute between citizens or between state and citizen has come to pass and the conditions by which justice can be restored to any given scenario. It is the right of the people to see that the system of laws in place is designed with justice as its chief goal and with mercy as its balancing principle in achieving equitable and appropriate judgment and sentencing upon criminal offenders.

IV. The Right to the Protection of Individuality, Life and Liberty

Encompassed in the protection of individual rights is the gamut of behaviors which are unpredictable but permissible in their variance. The individual rights which are provided us by the evolutionary history of world governments has prioritized such liberties as political orientation, public speech, religious expression, sexual orientation, occupational freedom and a host of rights which tend to emerge through the legislation and judiciary precedent.
It is the right of the people of Tagg to see that such rights are both preserved and pragmatic where needed.

This pragmatism gives us over also to the inclusion of such protections as personal environmental rights which concern the treatment of public resources, lands and ecological systems, denoting the connection between these and public health. Economic rights are here also encompassed and concern labor matters and the entitlement to a standard of living commensurate to that which Tagg's citizens have come to expect as a whole.

V. The Right to Adapt the Statement of Individual Rights

Where necessary, citizens must have access to a standardized procedure whereby the evolution in social conditions, a change in civic affairs, the revelation of new philosophical consensus or judiciary evidence of a need for refinement can segue into a revisiting of the conditions here generalized.

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