Building 17th Century Europe the Essay

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This reflected the very essence of absolutist thought. The Thirty Years War, which started as a religious battle between Protestants and Catholics, developed into a power struggle between many European powers, but most notably the French Bourbons and the Austrian Hapsburgs. The massive destruction that this war caused allowed new powers -- notably Austria, Brandenburg-Prussia, and Russia to emerge as powerful new empires in Europe. Meanwhile, Parliamentary limits on Charles I's power in England came to a head when he was denied funding for wars and other endeavors; his subsequent actions led to a revolution in which he lost his throne and head.

In the art world, religious scenes remained popular, as they had been during the Renaissance.
Colors became richer, however, and styles more ornate, reflecting the economic growth of the time. Scenes other than religious scenes, ancient myths, and the extreme upper class began to appear also, reflecting the rising merchant class and diminishment of the aristocracy in….....

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