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The size of the puck combined with the speed of the action cause many but the most devoted of fan to struggle keeping track of the action.

Finally, the size of the scoring area, the open net, is proportionally too small to allow for higher scoring games. The size of the net area has remained virtually unchanged for a number of years while the physical size of the goalies and their pads have increased. Hockey was never a high scoring game but today's players and today's available equipment have made scoring even more difficult.

The likelihood is that hockey will never enjoy the popularity that it does in Canada (McHenry). The natural climate of Canada is more conducive to creating interest in the game and to allowing young children with the opportunity of playing the game. Nonetheless, some minor changes in the game could undoubtedly make the game more interesting for the American sports fan. Efforts in this regard have been attempted by the NHL in recent years but, for whatever reason, the one change that would make the most difference, widening the net, has not been proposed.
Under the present conditions, scoring goals in hockey is just too difficult. The net area must be expanded to allow more scoring opportunities so that low scoring and tie games can be eliminated. The speed and athleticism of the game can be appreciated but it fails to hold the interest of most American sports fans. Back and forth scoring action is what the American sports fan demands and hockey must find a way to accommodate them.

Hockey, unfortunately, is a game that relies heavily upon tradition and is slow to change. Afraid to alienate its long time fans, the NHL community cannot be expected to make too many alterations in the way the game is played. As a result, the game will likely struggle at least in the American market.

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