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Religion is an institutional practice of beliefs regarding a wide variety of aspects that are fundamental to identity and existence. Religion has set practices, beliefs, systems, and rituals that believers follow. Religions often have official texts that explain the history, the reasoning, and the metaphors used within that religion. Religions are distinctive in that there are set rules and often ceremonies along the followers' lives that commemorate special events or moments in life or in the religion. Religion gives structure and meaning to life and to the universe for followers. Religion is a very old form of human culture that extends back into the earliest moments of human history. For many devout followers, religion provides purpose, meaning, and context to their lives, actions, and choices. Religion can give people a direction and a lifestyle choice. It can help them get through the beauty and the struggles of life.

Spirituality is a bit different in that it is not an institutionalized, formal practice or structure. Spirituality is not so formal and is more flexible than religion. For most people, it is something that is difficult to explain or define, but that quality is a necessary attribute of the concept of spirituality.

Spirituality is a universal human dimension which inheres every individual, whether religious, humanist, hedonist, or atheist…it may however, be denied or remained underdeveloped or dormant…The human spirit is the core, or essential, part of the person…which acts as a creative force precipitate change and integrate all of the dimensions…It is the dynamic force that keeps a person growing and changing, continuously involved in a process of emerging, becoming and transcending of self; it is through the gestalt process that life is imbued with meaning and a sense of purpose for existence.
Spiritual activity may be related to existential or to metaphysical subjects and involves introspection, reflection, and, often, a sense of connectedness to others or the universe. (Goddard, 1995,-Page 809)

Spirituality then encompasses as many aspects as religion, but from a different perspective, approach, and practice. Spirituality is internal while religion is heavily predicated on behaviors and external behaviors. In other words, people know religion through their actions, spirituality is an internal activity. Spiritual people can and cannot be religious. Many people feel connected to others and the universe, but wish to show their connection through other means other than church, temple, synagogue, etc.

Spirituality to me is the feelings each person may or may not have that refer to that….....

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