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This enables both Crassus and Gracchus to seem courageous. He sits on his horse, looking strong. Yet it is important to point out that unlike Spartacus, Crassus does not actually lead his horse into battle. Moreover, Spartacus and his army use creative methods such as the fire logs to launch an offense. Even if their offense might fail, Spartacus is willing to do what it takes to achieve his goals. Of Spartacus, Crassus, and Gracchus, Gracchus is the least courageous because he commits suicide at the end of the film. His suicide shows that Gracchus did not have the bravery to face reality. Spartacus, on the other hand, remains strong even when he was going to be crucified. Spartacus's bravery is one of the main reasons why he is the most outstanding leader of the film.

Spartacus also remains true to his ideals, unlike Crassus or Gracchus. For example, Spartacus turns down an offer for him and Varinia to escape with their unborn child to safety.
A lesser man would have readily accepted the opportunity to flee, but Spartacus did not because that would have meant giving up the fight. Spartacus instead remains true to the ideals of achieving liberty and justice for all his fellow slaves. Crassus is in fact also true to his ideals, although his ideals are more selfish than those of Spartacus. Crassus remains loyal to Rome and does believe that Rome needs his leadership. However, Crassus is willing to use unjust means to achieve those goals whereas Spartacus is committed to ethical ideals. Gracchus is the least true to his ideals of all three of these men because Gracchus continually betrays others and changes his loyalties. Therefore, Spartacus proves that he is true to his ideals.

Spartacus illustrates three distinct types of leadership in the characters of Spartacus, Crassus, and Gracchus. However, of these three figures only Spartacus is a genuinely selfless, courageous, and committed….....

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