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With the appropriate controls of variables, the research showed that the recidivism rate of those offenders who got deterrent sentences like 30 months and above, recorded a 29% recidivism rate as compared to those who had relatively shorter terms who had 26% recidivism rates. Proposed herein is the consistency in the punishment handed and not the use of deterrent theory to hand down long sentences or even worse death sentences that gives the criminal no room to reform (Valerie Wright, 2010:8).

There are two basic perspectives that people have towards whatever happens to them in life; the internal and external loci. The people with internal locus of control always take responsibility for whatever happen and see it as a product of their actions, on the other hand, people with external locus of control always view things that happen around them as a result of other people's or external forces prompting (Michael W., 2006). In case of an accident, the person with internal locus will tend to blame their bad driving, lack of control, poor mastery of the road or inappropriate road signs treatment that contributed to the accident.
A person with external locus of control will tend to blame the bad construction of the road, other road users, the weather or even a preordained conditionality for the accident.


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