Sociology Principle of Rationality- the Process in Term Paper

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Principle of rationality- the process in which a society achieves organization through abstract and explicitly stated rules and procedures (social norms and regulations).

Formal rationality- a shift from traditional and spontaneous methods of organization towards a more abstract and explicit development and implementation of rules and procedures in the society.

Disenchantment- a feeling or state in which the individual no longer feels satisfaction for an activity s/he is tasked to accomplish; when expectations received is less than the effort given to achieve that reward or expectation.

Charismatic leaders- an individual whose ability to lead was determined based on his/her exceptional or supernatural quality that his/her followers or people can uniquely attribute to him/her.
Religious doctrines and human identity- the relationship between these two concepts emerge when religion helps promote integration among individuals in a particular religious group. Upon integration, the individual assumes his/her identity based on her affiliation with his/her religious group.

Patriarchal leaders- individuals who govern over a society or group, believing that males are made to govern and women are meant to be submissive and subordinate only to men.

Moral life- standards set out by the society in order to generate a specific set of desired behavior from its members; usually agreed upon by all members of….....

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