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That he was not the reason that her cheeks were glowing might have been something for him to investigate and improve their marriage; however, she was just a woman and why would he bother himself with such trifles.

In short, the duke can commit murder if he feels that his wife does live up to his expectations. Obviously, there are no ramifications for his behavior as he brags about the event and is very pleased to display the new and improved version of his wife that is under his complete control. We can see how women are also treated as objects in this poem. When the Duke could have her the way he wanted her, decided to make her into something that would entertain him. We cannot say that the Duke did not love his wife. He is like Othello in that he loved her too well but she had a mind of her own and that was something, as a Duke, he could not tolerate. With his wife safely painted on the wall, complete with a curtain to conceal her when he wished, she was now the perfect wife. She stood proud and beautiful on that wall, frozen in time, "As if alive" (47) to the Duke and that pleased him. The newest addition to his collection of objects was nothing more than just that, as the Duke leads his friend to the next object, made of bronze.
Robert Browning's poem, "My Last Duchess" in an interesting look into the many ways that women have been viewed over the centuries. Even in an aristocratic family, a woman still had to please her husband as seen here with the flighty Duchess. Our lady of the house was not living a satisfactory life according to her husband, and the poem alludes to the fact that he was more than able to do something about that without needing to worry about the ramifications of his actions. He kills her and puts her in a place where she can make him happy - on the wall and in the ground. On the wall, she can still delight his eyes and his company. In the ground, she can delight his heart for he does not have to wonder about her anymore. In a sense, the Duke is experiencing the best of both worlds, thanks to the antiquated thinking of society and their misguided perceptions of women.

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