Social Worker's Treatment Plan Case Study

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Group Design

Although Jeff does not see his drug use as his primary problem, it is in fact at the root of his other issues. The social worker will create a treatment plan that will help Jeff meet three goals: break dependency on oxycontin, get a job, and develop an physical exercise routine.

According to the treatment plan, Jeff will start working on his goals by beginning with individual counseling sessions. The social worker can use motivational interviewing (MI), a technique that can help Jeff understand that he has a drug problem. Once Jeff admits he has a drug problem and that it is causing his other issues, he can make the decision to undergo intervention by entering a detox center or undertake a treatment program. Jeff's goal of getting free of oxycontin is part of his long-term objective, which is to attain and maintain full and sustained recovery. Jeff will have better chance of success meeting his other goals, getting a job and starting to exercise, when he has addressed his addiction.
Jeff has several strengths that he can bring to his treatment program. First, he was motivated to come to therapy. Although unwilling to admit that drug abuse is the root cause of his trouble, Jeff recognized that he was not happy with his life and would probably need to make some changes. Jeff also had the strength and discipline to join the military. Finally, Jeff has a girlfriend. Although their relationship is troubled because of Jeff's drug use, the girlfriend is still in his life. Jeff's ability to maintain that relationship, at least on some level, is an advantage.

Sobriety could cure Jeff's insomnia. If not, and there are no medical reasons found for insomnia, cognitive behavioral therapy could help. Jeff and his social worker could develop a routine, such as a hot shower and a half hour of listening to quiet music, which could "prime" Jeff for sleep. The exercise routine could also….....

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