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Social Policy

Research has shown that the government is a payer, regulator as well as, the provider in the health sector. As a result, the federal government should ensure that they exercise caution particularly when attempting to regulate the prescription drug coverage surrounding the importation of drugs from foreign countries. Prescription of drugs for older adults may be difficult and contentious; however, the study shows that most governments are today providing programs and services for the aged to ensure that they respond to the growing number of older Americans and the policy process (Czaja & Shari, 2002). Therefore, the paper will discuss on the government control of prescription medications as well as, examining the government response to the increasing or growing number of older Americans and the policy process.

Many economists argue that the government control of prescription of drug policy may be difficult since it is an industry with high fixed cost as well as, low marginal cost. Spending on prescriptions drugs has been growing at a rate of 20% per year over the past few years. Research shows that there are dramatic changes in the demographic structure causing the U.S. governments' prescription drug market to be $150 billion dollar industry (Czaja & Shari, 2002).
The aging population in U.S. is presenting a vast societal challenge; as a result, the government has managed to take action on the growing number of older Americans by developing programs to support the needs of the older people, which will allow them to live healthy and productive lives.

Government control of prescription medications is significant because research shows that most people are using drugs which enter into market illegally. Today, the prescription holders are breaking the law by selling drugs that they do not need. Despite all these, the U.S. government has identified various ways in which they respond to the growing number of older Americans (Czaja & Shari, 2002). For instance, the government has added a drug benefit to the existing Medicare Program, prescribing drug coverage, the condition of the drug access, along with pricing through a system of direct government control and regulations. This policy is similar to how other benefits are controlled by law and government regulation in most Medicare Program (Day, 2005). The federal government on the other hand have introduced a drug-disposal program also known as the National Take-Back Initiative, which allows people who have prescription drugs to….....

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