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Social Media Affecting Online Dating

Social Media

Working thesis statement: Social media is affecting the online dating in a negative manner.

Ali, A.I., & Wibowo, K. (2011). Online Dating Services - Chronology and Key Features Comparison with Traditional Dating. Competition Forum, 9(2), 481+. Retrieved from

In this article, the authors have given their perspectives on online dating services and have also provided a comparison with the traditional dating services. In the beginning, an introduction and short history of online dating services has been presented. Later, the article discusses the various kinds of such services along with the major characteristics. In the last, those key features are being compared with conventional dating practices.

Reflection: I aim to use the information in this article in the starting of my paper as there is a detailed discussion involving the past of online dating has been given. I think that this source completely offers what I would be focusing on in the beginning of my paper.

Aron, A. (2012). Online dating: The current status -- and beyond. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 13(1). Retrieved from

Summary: In this article, an extremely complete, considerate, intellectual, and appropriate monograph has been provided which demonstrates that online dating has turned out to be a big factor in the beginning of romantic relationships, especially in developed countries. The author firmly believes that online dating has become a vital phenomenon in the society. He suggests that personal fulfillment is affected by the quality of close relationships and online dating is contributing immensely in the initiation of such relationships that are proving to be significant to the people today.

Reflection: Although this specialist work on the subject of online dating presents a marvelously detailed and latest insight both for innovations in research and for important original services that may be offered by the sites related to online dating, I would just give an overview of this article mentioning online dating as a prevailing social phenomenon in the developed societies.

Finkel, E.J., Eastwick, P.W., Karney, B.R., Reis, H.T., & Sprecher, S. (2012, Sep. - Oct.). DATING IN A DIGITAL WORLD. Scientific American Mind, 1. Retrieved from

Summary: In this article the author has focused on the benefits of online dating sites and how they help people in getting pleasure.
It also includes the various methods (e-mail and online chat) given in online dating sites that make it easy for the users to communicate with their potential partners.

Reflection: Though the article mentions the positive sides of online dating, I may include the information to present both the sides of online dating in my paper to keep a balance. However, my main focus would be to contradict the ideas presented by the author in favor of online dating and social networking to find potential dates.

Green, S. (2013). THE NEW RULES OF Dating. Men's Fitness, 29(2), 66-70. Retrieved from

Summary: In this article, dating tips and rules are given. It also discusses the various drawbacks of online dating focusing on the advantages of mobile dating.

Reflection: I aim to include the disadvantages of online dating mentioned in this article in my paper. The author's views regarding the disadvantages of online dating comply my paper's main idea that online dating has been negatively affected by social networking.

Heino, R.D., Ellison, N.B., & Gibbs, J.L. (2005). Are We A 'Match'? Choosing Partners in the Online Dating Market. Remote Access to UMUC Library Resources - UMUC. Retrieved from

Summary: In this study, online dating has been investigated considering marriage as the prospect. Several theories including social exchange and equity theory and computer-mediated communication theories….....

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