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Now, Generation Y (and the entering of Generation Z) has continued to fill in the societal gaps as Gen Xers have moved on to more traditional societal roles. However, the age demographic of the skateboarding culture is that of the young, and likely will remain to be a defining facet.


Since the advent of skateboarding, more than a half a century ago, it has evolved from a simple child's mode of fun travel to an entirely different subculture and lifestyle. This multi-billion dollar industry is also an alternative culture, in the sense that members lie on the fringes of normal society. They follow their own rules, customs, and patterns of behavior. Much like hip hop and rap cultures, skateboarding culture has its own music, language, art, fashion, and sport that binds its members together.
This culture was formed in response to several factors. The first being reverse discrimination White males felt with the introduction of programs such as Affirmative Action. Other factors including common political affiliation and age too have helped form this unique culture and lifestyle that began with Generation X, has been passed to Generation Y, and is the legacy Generation Z is about to inherit.


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