Parenting Being a Single Parent Term Paper

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In addition to the psychological stressors, single parenting can also cause social pressures. The single parent lacks enough time or energy to meet potential new partners or to develop existing friendships. Similarly, the child may suffer socially by falling in with the wrong crowd at school to make up for the lack of attention experienced at home. Both parent and child might find themselves feeling socially isolated because of the unique pressures of single parenting.

Financially, single parenting can be a burden. The costs of childrearing are often too difficult for two parents, let alone for one. When the single parent is forced to work long hours to be able to afford basic living expenses, both child and parent suffer.
Therefore, single parenting can leave a family in debt and cause the child to be unable to attend the college or university of his or her choice.

Single parenting can cause a number of financial, social, and psychological pressures. Being unable to afford basic living expenses can exacerbate preexisting psychological stressors and significantly limit the social opportunities available for child and parent. Unfortunately, however, single parenting is often not a choice and most single parents do the best they can to raise their….....

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