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They also form tendencies of phone, computer or cyber sex. At other times they will engage in prostitution or engage the service of prostitutes for men.

The individuals will as well engage in exhibitionism. These are acts of open display or show of private parts especially the genitalia either for casual money or just for the joy of it.

The persons will also for a tendency of dating that eventually becomes obsessive and done through personal advertisement.

Some will engage in acts of voyeurism, which basically means stalking or watching others without the knowledge or in compromising positions/situations without their permission e.g. while swimming naked or in the shower room.

The addicts may to the extent of engaging in sexual harassment or even molestation on kids or even the adults and even kill for sexual urge satisfaction if a chance presents itself. To the extremes a few have been found to molest corpses.

The addict on the extreme cases may display sexual rage disorder which may manifest itself in distress, anxiety, restlessness and may even get violent is they are unable to obtain sexual satisfaction as an addiction. If they get to obtain the sex, then they may become very violent in the sexual activity (Medical News Today).

Treatment of sexual addiction

The effort to treat this addiction will involve controlling the addictive behavior as the person is being assisted to start a new healthy sexuality.
He will be educated on healthy sexuality, receive individual counseling and for the married get marital therapy.

In some cases, since the obsession could be more of OCD, the use of OCD controlling drugs is employed to control the habitual nature of the sexual addict; the drugs are Prozac and Anafranil (, 2011).


In a summary, the sexual addiction victim gets little or no satisfaction at all from the sexual engagements and consequently has no emotional bond with the sex partner. The urge may lead to socially tabooed acts as prostitution and rape which eventually lead to feeling of shame, worthlessness and guilt in the addict. These may not deter the addict since he has no control over the urge and behavior even in light, of the negative consequences the addiction may dispose him at financially, socially, emotionally and even health wise.


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