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(Speaking Out About Sex Ed) look at some other countries and their greater success in implementing a program to address the unwanted pregnancy and risk of infection in teenagers may provide the answer to this controversy. In countries like England, Canada, Sweden, France and Holland, where the age at first intercourse is similar to that of the U.S., they have managed to keep the teenage pregnancy rates less than half the level as seen in the U.S. These countries have sex education in their schools and it is comprehensive in that it includes a policy totally in favor of sex education, frankness and openness about sex, consistent information throughout society and access to contraceptives. It is also seen that it is better to start sex education at the lower class levels, maybe even as early as kindergarten. (Does Sex Education Work?)

In conclusion policy makers, parents and those in the field of education must avoid wrong ideas on sex education. Looking at the various statistics on unplanned pregnancies and STDs among teenagers it is clear that there is the requirement for a comprehensive sex education program for the kids, that teaches to postpone sexual involvement and how to protect oneself should one choose to indulge in sex This comprehensive risk prevention strategy may provide the American teenagers with the maximum protection from the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
The children should get the best possible education, as they deserve it. (Does Sex Education Work?)


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