Ignoring the Worst Examples of Research Proposal

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M2Global Technology Ltd. has a specific metric that determines CEO and managerial pay based upon a combination of financial returns, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Stock options with restrictions that cannot be 'cashed out' for a number of years, or forms of equity that are dependant upon long-term goals also reduces the incentive for CEOs to quickly and artificially boost stock prices. They ensure that the CEO has a real, financial stake in the long-term health of the company. There is also growing agreement that hefty, unrestricted severance packages send the wrong message to CEOs -- and golden parachutes are also highly unpopular amongst ordinary shareholders. But as important as these incentives may be, perhaps the best prescription for success is a good choice of a CEO with a managerial style is a good 'fit' for the company culture.
A CEO who wishes to succeed and foster his or her reputation in the business community and believes in the product is something that cannot be engineered by any contract. This is one reason why CEOs often succeed when managing companies they have originated. They are always actively shaping the culture to suit their personal style and they have an emotional as well as a financial stake in the company's future......

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