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Impression of the Interwar Years

Although with hindsight, it is possible to see how actions could have been taken to keep World War I from occurring, at that time the situation was like a dry forest that just needed a small flame to start the devastating fire. All the countries who were involved with World War I were completely on edge and only needed a small spark to have them make disastrous decisions. Once things were set in motion, they could not stop. Because of this, millions of people lost their lives and the countries, ironically, lost their Empires.

Why was it called the Age of Anxiety?

The war did not only destroy the Empires. It also destroyed many people's hopes and dreams. No longer could individuals rely on their government as a means of strength and support.
In addition, a questioning of life's meaning and a loss of religion and faith took away another major support that people had. They were left with anxiety and despair.

Were the Interwar Years a breeding ground for fascism and Nazism?

Whenever people lose hope and are searching for answers, they will grasp and accept anything that comes along and offers a response and future possibilities. For example, Italian Fascism was successful, for the time, because Italy was near total collapse. Mussolini attempted to remove the separation between classes through nationalism and corporatism. He believed it was necessary to have a revolution of values to replace those of the destroyed bourgeois civilization. Similarly, in Germany, Hitler's support came mostly from the lower middle class, who could not recoup its losses in the wartime.....

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