Second Tier Instruction Courses, I Struggled With Thesis

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second tier instruction courses, I struggled with several aspects of writing, to include proper grammar, paragraph structure, thesis development and support, and the ability to write from an objective, unbiased perspective. By contrast, having completed the first and second tiers, I have a better understanding of these aspects and feel I am developing into a competent writer with an ever-increasing skill level. As this is the point of the writing instruction courses, I believe I deserve to pass the first and second tiers due to my new understanding of the various components of skilled writing.

In more specific terms, I often struggled with the following prior to completing the writing instruction courses:

When to use a semicolon vs. A colon, comma or period.

When to use a hyphen.

How to avoid fragments and run-on sentences.

How to write from a second and third-person perspective.
How to frame a thesis statement in clear and concise language.

How to present opposing arguments regarding in an unbiased manner.

How to properly cite sources in the text and on the reference page.

Regarding the first point, I now understand that the purpose of a semicolon is to divide two independent clauses in a compound sentence, while the purpose of a colon is to separate a list -- such as the bullet list above -- from a preceding independent clause. Meanwhile, a hyphen can be used to lend emphasis to an example or a certain component of a sentence, as the hyphen in the previous sentence lends emphasis to the example of the bullet list.

Regarding fragments and run-on sentences, while both can be used sparingly in fictional writing, there is….....

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