Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution, and Research Proposal

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The new universe made room for God because the collective mind was opened to the notion of a divine entity controlling all aspects of the universe not just one corner of it.

The Industrial Revolution can call Britain "home" (Craig 627) because at the time, Britain was the "single largest free-trade area in Europe" (627). Mechanical inventions spark the beginning of this revolution. In 1769, the spinning jenny was patented, which lead to the invention of a power loom. This increased demand for cotton with production jumping to twice as fast as before. The steam engine is another important invention of the Industrial Revolution and it connected to two "basic commodities of modern industrialization -- coal and iron" (Chodorow 718). Iron production was a basic element of modern development, as it "constitutes the chief element of all heavy industry and land or sea transport and is the material out of which most productive machinery has been manufactured" (Craig 629). Transportation emerged from the Industrial Revolution with the invention of the railroad. The first commercial railroad went public in 1825. (Chodorow 719) The invention of the railroad was "overwhelming" (719) because it answered a "universal need" of the people, "offering unprecedented opportunities for investment, and introducing greater speed into all commercial transactions" (719).
The fact that we still utilize railroad in this day and age represents the importance and brilliance of the Industrial Revolution.

The American Revolution is seen as a time when Americans "grew extraordinarily suspicious of any attempts to tighten the empirical reigns on the colonies" (Bailey 137). This was not something they took lightly, as they believed the British government to be corrupt and leaning toward drpriving them of liberty. Such thoughts proved to be the inspiration behind a religious meaning for the Revolution. This movement away from British government caused splits, primarily within the Church of England, who was bound to support the king. When the United States decided to break free, they were making history. In short, declaring independence from Britain was an incredible but rewarding thing to do as it held the promise of the "priceless heritage of freedom' (156). The American Revolution strengthened the spirit of freedom from oppressive governments and it was an example of religious freedom for all people in all countries.

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